Help test RawTherapee on Retina/4k etc HiDPI monitors.


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@TooWaBoo why would he change to 144 PPI?

5120x2880@27" diagonal has a pixel density of 217.57 PPI assuming square pixels.


He’s setting the dimension of 5120 x 2880 to 2560 which is half size. To get the same size in native dimensions he has to double the dpi.


but you say that the native resolution is 2560

no hombre , excuse me - says the baby putting down the cigar - I literally said that the default for display is 2560 HDPI (which if I am not mistaken is the nomenclature for higher dpi {thus also the fancy “retina” trademark} 2560x1440). The imac’s display size is 5120 x 2880 and (a bit confusingw, sorry about that) when I said bumped to 5120 x 2880 I ment bumped to those 5120 x 2880 which run at 72 dpi {non retina}.

Brace yourselves!! Mojave terribly precise super empowering user options

And why is your jpeg 6300px wide then ?

I don’t really know. Literal steps:

1 - command + shit, I mean shift + 3 (a zero-bird dies) = fullscreen screenshot
2 - rename jpg
3 - upload to pixls


Can you provide a screenshot with the setting Scaled and Large Text, please?


Sure thing; it seems the scaled “More space” is 6400 px wide (that’s just crazy!) while the default is 5120 px wide



well they say the devil’s in the details :stuck_out_tongue:


it gets even weirder, if I use a free old app called RDM and set the screen to 5120x2880 and then screenshot, it results in a 5120x2880 image ??? @darix is not going to be happy about all this diarrhea of big ugly screenshots


Thanks, but what I want to see is a screenshot of RT. :grin:


Igooooor put more oillll in the frypan!!!

All at font 10pt



Scaled “More space”


RDM 5120


All at font 14pt


Scaled “More space”

RDM 5120

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@chroma_ghost Sorry for this confusion, english is not my mother’s language and I don’t have any clue of what’s going on Mac.

But your screenshot are interesting : we can clearly see that the icons are jagged on “native” and “more space” version, but properly rebuild using the SVG icons for the RDM ones. To confirm that, could you see what’s happening in the rt cache folder ? There’s a subfolder named “svg2png”, where one subfolder is created per resolution with the cached png icons (created at startup time). When leaving RT, the unused dpi folders are deleted. It is preferable, for this test, to manually delete the folders in “svg2png” before starting RT to avoid confusions, and see which folder is created.

Thank you for your time doing the screenshots btw, and no problem if you don’t want/can’t do this other test.

I still need to understand the MacOS resolution API. Will investigate that later this week, but as of now, RDM offer cleaner GUI.


I’m confused. Are you really using the hidpi version of RT from the first post?

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@TooWaBoo Yes, see the title in the last screenshot, it the correct commit number.


I’m using (from) first post


No problem man-hombre, I’m pretty much beaten up and confused and hungry. I am the one that thanks you and all devs, you are the dev(il)s :metal::metal:t6::metal:t6: !!
Need to go and cook some food, but before

Mac path to the foders is: /Users/maxr/Library/Application\ Support/RawTherapee/cache/svg2png

  1. I delete folders inside svg2png

  2. Restart Raththerapee

  3. Folders 72 & 112 are created
    svg2png_index.txt (43 Bytes)
    3b. Contents of 112 folder
    112_index.txt (5.6 KB)
    3c. Contents of 72 folder
    72_index.txt (463 Bytes)

  4. Quit Ratherapee

  5. Folder 72 vanishes

  6. Folder 112 remains with no change in its contents whatsoever


(Jean-Christophe) #55

@chroma_ghost Was it the RDM test ? It looks weird that it created 2 folders during the same session. I’ll investigate that.


No, that was 2560 HDPI mode.

BOTH with Scale “More space” and RDM 5120x2880 rawtherapee creates 2 folders, a 72 and an 80. The same as before, after quitting 72 folder is gone; 80 remains with unaltered contents. Both versions Scaled and RDM generate exactly the same folder’s contents.

Forget that, I was testing both 10 and 14 pt fonts… All 3 versions behave exactly the same (creating 72 and 112 folders)


Here is the new mac test build for your testing:


The folder situations seems as before, the same throughout the 3 versions. Regarding type render, here screenshots, ALL14pt font


Scaled “More space”

RDM 5120


If need be I can also take 10pt screenshots… but I don’t to pollute unnecessarily, says the dignified mercury pond to the plastic bag

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@Claes Your screenshot are fine, but they are all unscaled, which is fine too. Depending on the monitor size, user might want to zoom everything by a facto x2 to avoid having very small icons, but you’re fine with small icons. Since this branch is about how does the icons look if you raise the dpi settings and/or use bigger font, I can’t see if the patch is working fine. However @chroma_ghost screenshots tells ma that I really have to dig the MacOS API, there’s something wrong here. I’ll be away till Saturday, so it will have to wait a bite.

@HIRAM What is the Gtkmm version of your build ?


@Hombre Gtkmm 3.24.0