Help test RawTherapee on Retina/4k etc HiDPI monitors.



When you are back again – and if you need more input from me and my 28" monitor, just send me a ping. But please state carefully what you want me to do, so I do not waste your time.


Just a swifty before I switch to the master branch again, this time
3840x2160, 144 dpi, font= 18.


Why are your desktop icons so small when you set 144dpi?

It looks like the dpi setting has no effect. Neither in RT nor for the desktop. :thinking:


Nice catch!

Well, a simple reply would be that I am on Manjaro/Xfce/UHD monitor/GTX1050,
a combination that has about 7.23 million possible settings.

for masochists with oceans of free time.

I have found a base setting which works with my eyes [even if it means
that the nice properties of the monitor are not is use :frowning: ]

However, I am always open for suggestions about settings that would
make my set-up even nicer…

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden