How to remove the white circle mark ?


Hi all,


There is a white circle mark in the stream/river of the scanned image (please see attached photo). Please advise how to remove this mark?

Thanks in advance.

Stephen L

(Sebastien Guyader) #2

You can’t do such edits in RT.
Use Gimp and the G’mic plugin (inpainting filter).

(Pat Cunn) #3



Hi all,

Thanks for your advice.

Whether you meant;
New G’MIC filter for Inpainting (object removal)

Besides on RT;

  1. how to add more green color to trees
  2. how to make the photo looking more solid and clearer/sharp



@satimis Search the forum. There should be a few posts on G’MIC inpainting. (I will add the GIMP / G’MIC tags to this thread in case we want to discuss it here as well.)


H afre,

Thanks for your advice.

Regarding my other questions;
Besides on RT;
how to add more green color to trees
how to make the photo looking more solid and clearer/sharp

Shall I start a new posting?

I found several postings here:
Patch Based Inpainting

Inpaint settings

G’mic inpaint and color management

GMIC plugin - Inpaint patch-based


You could add more greens by using cross-color adjustment. What I mean by this is that you could edit saturation by greens. I’m sure that’s possible with RT as I have done that before.

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #8

Try this: 688c3d2d4a9c839d9a6493bb8f1263306423d143.jpg.out.pp3 (11.8 KB)


Is it even ok to edit and show off edits without permission?

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Well, he wanted advice about how to increase green saturation. What better advice than to give a recipe? Anyways, I removed the final result.

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The first step is to set the black and white point correctly for each channel. Then use the colour balance on a neutral part. This already improves colours a lot. The rest is fine tuning.

Unfortunately in the colour management tab RGB-curves no histogram is displayed, so setting the points here is try and error. Perhaps somebody else can give advice how to do this in RT.


(Desmis) #12

You can also use (branch newlocallab)

  • Local adjutsments
  • CBDL

Its not “perfect”, (but also the png is not good…)



Hi Reptorian,

Where can I find cross-color adjustment on RT. Thanks


@satimis We want to respect people’s work and protect our community. I suggest that you provide a licence for your image (if it is yours); e.g., with CC-BY-SA or CC-BY-NC-SA. See for more information.