Local Lab build



uploaded at

@dngimage can you test?

(dngimage) #442

@gaaned92 and @jdc,

Cool! :sunglasses:

Merci beaucoup! :smiley:

(dngimage) #443

@gaaned92 and @jdc,
I tested it with Highlight reconstruction (checked and unchecked) and it works great!
Thanks again!

(dngimage) #444

I can’t select some folders using RawTherapee_newlocallab_nightly-371-gc6b0deb5_WinVista_64.zip while using the file browser.

But I can select any folder I want using RawTherapee_5.4_WinVista_64.zip.

Both versions are from here:

(Roel) #445

This seems to be the issue https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/issues/4487


Corrected build of newlocalab branch


uploaded at

(dngimage) #447

It is working fine now.


Is stage 2 still in your plans? What’s the status? : )

(dngimage) #449

I’m getting a vertical line next to the image when Auto-fill is checked. Sometimes it isn’t a complete vertical line, kind of annoying when editing, but the output is fine. I didn’t see this before in older versions.

(Alberto) #450

I too get a light blue line in the same position on screen but the output is fine.

(dngimage) #451

Tested version RawTherapee_newlocallab_5.4-558-gdf6822178_WinVista_64.zip from https://keybase.pub/gaaned92/RTW64NightlyBuilds/ and the vertical line is still showing there.

(Desmis) #452

I have test with many images, no light blue line

Is it only with Locallab, or with other branches ?

If only “Locallab” perhaps a merge problem. In this case difficult to find ?

Have you observed from which version of RT, the bar appeared ?

Could you give a link, with the raw files, and settings, and configuration :slight_smile:

Thank you

(Ingo Weyrich) #453

Maybe related?

(Desmis) #454

Ingo, I think it the same thing …to verify !

I just push a new “merge with dev”, with the change above.




uploaded at

(dngimage) #456

@jdc and @gaaned92,
Fixed! :slight_smile:
RawTherapee_newlocallab_5.4-563-g948ab0baf_WinVista_64.zip did the job.

(dngimage) #457

Is there a way to create a gradient blur in Local Lab and control the gradient to make a more natural translation?

(Cyril LAPORTE) #458

I’m pretty excited to try the new combined demosaic method.

Newlocallab is based on dev sources, so if there is a build done now, it will be included?

(Desmis) #459


I just merge “newlocalalb” with dev :slight_smile:

(Cyril LAPORTE) #460

Cool, merci Jacques !! Hâte de tester :slight_smile: