Local Lab build


This feature is great - seems to work really well for me. Forgive me if this has been mentioned elsewhere, are there plans to include this in the main version soon?

(Cyril LAPORTE) #462

So LocalLab 5.4.694 version has the new combined demosaic method.
Will try it soon !

(Jean-Paul) #463

Thank you for merging “newlocallab” with the branch “dev”. I just compiled it under KUbunn = you 18.04. Cordially.

(Alberto) #464

I have crashes with several rw2 files using “Color Toning” with “Special Chroma”. Sometimes it closes while editing, sometimes saving the image. Ver 563 and 694 shares the same problem.


Thanks for your work. Does this version also contain the new shadows and highlights tool?

(Jean-Paul) #466

I compiled the dev version under KUbuntu 18.04, I don’t have the Local Lab icon. I must have missed something, but I don’t see it?

(Morgan Hardwood) #467

dev was merged into newlocallab, not the other way around.

(Jean-Paul) #468

Okay, thanks, I’ll see how to compile.

(Peter Lavender) #469

Did you work it out?

Compilation remains the same, you have to switch the working branch in git, do a git pull, then compile as normal.

git branch -a 

will show all branches.

You then check out the one you want, in this case locallab

git checkout locallab

(Jean-Paul) #470

Thanks for the answer, so far I compile with the automatic script and I tried adapting it for the branch. Sincerely.

(Jean-Paul) #471

A big thank you, it’s ok and compiled.

It saved me a lot of research. Sincerely.:smiley::sunglasses:

(dngimage) #472

It works well!


I am finding that sometimes the areas already selected by the control spots locallab tool appear blurred / smeared in the preview when I click on the next control spot. The saved output file is fine. It doesn’t always happen. I can post a raw file /pp3 and mip file if this helps.


I have worked out what is causing the blurring under the control spots in the preview. The contrast by details values under the local lab tab are all set to 0 by default and this causes the area under the control spot to be blurred in the preview even if ‘contrast by details’ is not activated. If the values are all set to 100 (ie neutral) this no longer happens. Sorry this is not a proper bug report, but hopefully it provides information to help sort it out.

(Desmis) #475


Thank you to have found this bug :slight_smile:
I replace 1 by 100 in procparams.cc

Commit and push change !


You are very welcome. Thanks for your work in producing such a great program…

(Alberto) #477

Using “Color Toning” with “Special Chroma” with any raw RT (5.4-772-ge65c6786f) crashes while rendering the jpg. Tried to use gdb and the debug version but also gdb crashes saving the log file.
l.txt (25.6 KB)
Hope this will help

(Desmis) #478

There is not this function in "locallab spot and algorithms " :slight_smile:

Have you tested with another branch : dev ?

This version is “old” there is one more recent :slight_smile:

(Alberto) #479

Very same behavior with your new version, i have this error since newlocallab ver 563.



As @jdc noticed above, the “color toning” function is not part of the functions added by the newlocallab branch to the dev branch.
So it should also crash with the dev branch

Please test this dev branch with same raw and PP3 and report.