Local Lab build

(Alberto) #481

You’re right, the dev version crashes in the same way.
I’ve made with this “dev” version an example, you can use it to reproduce the problem:


I have the same problem with any rw2 when "Special Chroma” is selected, with “standard chroma” or without color toning everything works.




Thanks for testing.
In order devs be aware of crash, could you open a bug report at
https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/issues , regarding the dev branch crash?

(Morgan Hardwood) #483

I opened an issue:

(Ingo Weyrich) #484

I fixed it:

Edit: currently it’s fixed in dev branch only


@jdc could you merge dev?

(Desmis) #486

I have been away some days :slight_smile:
I just merge wiith dev - very big merge !!!

I hope no error!




uploaded at

(dngimage) #488




is running fine here.

(todd) #489

Looks like there are some new/different output profiles with this right? Instead of RT_SRGB which I usually use in my processing profiles, it switched to RTv4_SRGB automatically in this build and my first image output with this the image was all washed out. Took me a bit to find the reason and haven’t messed with it any further yet but switched to “sRGB color space profile” and the result was back to normal (not washed out looking).

(Morgan Hardwood) #490

@todd if the output looked washed-out when you used RTv4_sRGB, try RTv2_sRGB. If the v2 output looks fine, the program you’re using to view the output is no good - use a better program. ICC v4 was published in 2001.

(todd) #491

Strange. Issue is not present today… Go figure… Thanks

(dngimage) #492


I like LocalLab’s inverse blur effect but would love it even more if the blur would look more like Lensbaby Sol. Is it possible to have two blur effects in LocalLab? or one more bokeh like?

LocalLab Lensbaby Sol effect: