Local Lab build


edit :
rawtherapee_newlocallab_5.4-1167-g854021cfe_WinVista_64.zip is the newlocallab build including the new GUI pull #4836

Many thanks to the GUI author Pandagrapher

For a link to dev builds, see

(dngimage) #502

New rawtherapee_newlocallab_5.4-1167-g854021cfe_WinVista_64.zip



is running fine here.

(dngimage) #503

The only thing is that sometimes the Control Spot disappears and I don’t know how to bring it back. The previous version had a button for that.

Also, from time to time I get some flickering on the thumbnail file names and help tips.

(todd) #504

Here too except when I try to load my saved processing profiles. Then I get the same crash or as spidermonkey said, RT ‘shuts itself down’. I can redo the profile and resave it then it loads fine…

(todd) #505

Another thing I’ve noticed with this build is flickering hover boxes. I don’t know the technical term for the info boxes that come up when you hover over something with the mouse, but they’re all flickering. I will obey the message above and report it tomorrow in a new topic but just thought I’d mention it here for now…


@todd This is a known issue regarding gtk+3.24.x

Thx @afre for the gif.


I downgraded GTK3. I am going to rebuild.

(Desmis) #508

I just merge dev in locallab, with many difficulties… I hope no error :slight_smile:



uploaded at

(dngimage) #510

@gaaned92 and @jdc,



is running fine here.


First of all congratulations to Pandagrapher for producing this build, looks great.
A few queries / sugggestions:

  1. I am not sure what the status ‘visible / not visible’ does and how to change it.
  2. What does the first spot: id = 0, status not visible do?
  3. Will there be a way to hide and show all the spots when you are not working on them and don’t want to see them. I have found that right clicking on them makes them go away, but not sure if that is intentional. They come back again if you change another setting outside locallab then come back again.
  4. Will there be a way to duplicate spots?
  5. Would it be possible for the setting ‘shape method, independent mouse’ to be remembered and applied to future spots as I like to use just the mouse, and the sliders clutter up the screen for me. I also find enhanced quality a more useful default.

These are not meant as criticisms, already works really well.

(dngimage) #512

@gaaned92 and @jdc,




is running fine here.

(Desmis) #513


I can not of course commit myself to the remarkable work of Pandagrapher, but the points evoked are in the roadmap :slight_smile:



Perhaps I should have looked there first (where is the roadmap?). Thanks for letting me know…

(Desmis) #515

Here, even the pull request is closed :slight_smile:

(AlLegro) #516


I just like to report that:




the “Auto-matched correction parameters” in LCP profile is grayed out and my camera and objective (Nikon D7500 and Sigma 2.8 17-50) are not recognized nor objective distortion is not corrected automatically. It is also impossible to choose camera and objective when I choose to do it manually - no list of cameras or objectives are there, not only mine, but nothing at all (please see the screenshot).

I have previous versions of the LAB build (1005) and DEV (795) on second computer and the “Auto-matched correction parameters” works without problems - the camera and objective are recognized automatically or manually.

I always install the LAB build at the very same folder (c:\Program files\Rawtherapee\5.4.LAB) and similarly DEV and have no clue what happened. I will be grateful for any help.



Both versions mentioned should recognise your camera (tried with Nikon - D7500 - 14bit compressed (Lossless) (3_2).NEF from raw.pixls.us). The lens should be at least available for manual selection (to be set in a dynamic profile rule, if needed).


As I cannot reproduce here with the 2 builds on my test photos, could you please upload a photo on filebin?


Hadn’t used used Local Lab in a long time and the spots have really improved and everything feels a lot smoother. Thanks!!

@jdc Could you explain the exclude spots again, how they work?
Because I seem to on the wrong track…

(Desmis) #520

My english is always bad…:slight_smile:
If you read french (??) you have explanation in Rawpedia

In summary, the algorithm is imperfect, does not satisfy me, but must resolve substantially the majority of cases
To use it

  1. after a first spot which can cause in some zones a too strong action, in particular when the hue is close
  2. place in the area where you want to reduce the action an “excluding spot” and act principaly on scope (just under excluding)

I tried others algorithm, with a mask (the user cannot see) with different algo (SobelCanny, unsharp mask, retinex, wavelet…) but the major problem is not the mask (all these algo works well), but to use the gradiant linked to this mask!
How to know where exactly the algo is ???
Befor a “line” no weakening of the action, after the line weakened progressive or brutal…But in polar coordinate where is the line ??..I have an algo with many, many artifacts…