OM-1 Support in Darktable

I am getting an OM Systems OM-1 camera in the next weeks and would like to use it with Darktable. It seems that support for this camera is in process but not completed. What would be needed to complete this support process?

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Just that someones that know what to do and can do it, spent time on it. Remember that darktable is updated by people who like to work on it but do it in their free time. So they work on what they think is more important to them and for most users.
About cameras support, actually we have only 2 people and the historic one (LebedevRI) who spent less time since few months.

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Understood. I would be glad to pitch in and help if someone could let me know what needs to be done.

Pull requests are there (RAW support, white balance presets, noise profiles).

Pull request for rawspeed that doesn’t get any attention for months is blocking everything else…

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Who make the decision to pull the rawspeed support and make this happen?

That’d be @LebedevRI

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What do we need to do to make this happen?




LebedevRI is still active in rawspeed (at least as of 5 days ago), but he sets his priorities… And if other things (not necessarily dt or computer related) need time, well, there are only 24h in a day.

Not sure you getting an OM-1 (or a pc with M1 chip…) is really a priority for anyone else.

Apple M1 support is a priority for many Darktable users. Without the generous contributions of a few of them I would not be running it natively on my Macbook Air M1.

But I guess I agree with you that the most OM-1 customers will be using CaptureOne, DXO PhotoLab 5, or Lightroom since their user bases are huge and they already support the OM-1.


I know and I just say that he spend less time (on related things about dt, that what he says himself but continue rawspeed development. And thanks to him).

I just installed a pre-release 3.90 darktable build and it appears to import OM-1 RAW files just fine.

Thank you, developers!

I am just compiled the latest version of darktable.git and while OM-1 cameras are found in lensfun, darktable refuses to recognize the RAW files and won’t display the images.

Yes, I just installed the latest pre-release weekly Windows build 3.9.0+1708~gae3860688 and my OM-1 RAW files are now skulls. Earlier 3.9 build had them working!

I think this means the database has lost your images …if DT doesn’t support them or won’t open them you usually get a warning along sometimes with a gray screen… Have you tried to import anything or just to view images that you had previously imported??

No, it means darktable was unable to open the files. Happens on newly imported files as well as those imported and properly viewed earlier from the same camera. Bummer.

Thats what I was referring to… You said skulls which might have been a different thing… could just be the build environment if they didn’t come from the same source…

Pull requests for darktable/rawspeed and darktable/darktable with full support for OM-1 are ready for a long time already. I have processed several thousand of OM-1 ORF images using darktable compiled from those branches that pull requests are from. For whatever reason those pull requests are completely ignored :frowning:

I tried out what I believe is your @sugarbravo fork and the branch with support for OM-1 ORF files, but it didn’t work for me. Maybe I did something wrong. See:

One needs to make sure relevant branches for both darktable and its rawspeed submodule are used. The following litany gives darktable wit OM-1 support.

git clone
cd darktable
git checkout om-1
git submodule update --init

After this, rawspeed should be in a branch with OM-1 support:

grep OM-1 src/external/rawspeed/data/cameras.xml
   <Camera make="OM Digital Solutions" model="OM-1">
      <ID make="OM System" model="OM-1">OM Digital Solutions OM-1</ID>

Then the usual

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/darktable ..
make -j
sudo make install
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@sugarbravo Thanks for the help. It works fine now. I can import, view and edit OM-1 ORF-files.

I don’t know what i missed in my first attempt to build your fork and the OM-1 branch.

Needless to say, it would be very nice if kmilos (Miloš Komarčević) · GitHub and @sugarbravo’s contribution and pull request would be accepted, so all users could have access to this feature.