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(Carmelo Dr Raw) #269

There was a problem in the creation of the distributed .zip file, reasulting in an empty lensfun database.

I have now moved back to .dmg packages. Could you please download the latest .dmg and check if the lens corrections are working again (they are on my OSX system)?


(Andrew) #270

hi, was this a hand-held shot? If tripod, I’d have expected it sharper, those SMC Takumars were pretty good lenses I always thought.

(Andrew) #271

LOL as they say

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #272

Yes @RawConvert, handheld shot.

I am still getting used to getting sharp focus on that lens.

Edit: I had better success in my water lily shot though. Check out the[Play Raw].

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #273

Yes, it is fixed, also the lensfun is working. Thanks!!
Also, Export As has been changed to Export To, Great.:grinning:


Yes the lens correction works fine now. Thanks for your very quick fix!


RAW developer

  1. WB mode daylight and tungsten are broken.


  2. Does batch mode support export settings? E.g., can I enable compression?

RAW loader

  1. Can open another raw file. However, cannot reopen a previously opened file. E.g., if I have raw0.file, raw1.file and raw2.file. I open raw2 via top open icon first. Then I go to RAW loader’s open and select raw0. It opens. When I try to go back to raw2, it doesn’t load (something happens in background but preview stays the same). When I go to raw1, it loads. Now that all 3 files have been open once, I cannot switch raw1 to raw0 or raw2.

  2. Also, it would be nice if the tab title changed to the name of whichever raw file I have open. If there are multiple RAW loaders, then it should display the bottom most layer’s.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #276

Which camera?

Not yet, but it is high in the todo list…

Sounds definitely like a bug in the handling of opened files… I never really tried this myself, but I will look into it.



Canon T2i aka 550D.

Sample WB output values:

WB RGGB Levels As Shot          : 1896 1024 1024 2005
WB RGGB Levels Auto             : 1896 1024 1024 2005
WB RGGB Levels Measured         : 1758 1024 1023 2160
WB RGGB Levels Daylight         : 2236 1024 1024 1577
WB RGGB Levels Shade            : 2608 1024 1024 1339
WB RGGB Levels Cloudy           : 2427 1024 1024 1450
WB RGGB Levels Tungsten         : 1570 1024 1024 2399
WB RGGB Levels Fluorescent      : 1949 1024 1024 2245
WB RGGB Levels Kelvin           : 1141 1024 1024 3372
WB RGGB Levels Flash            : 2497 1024 1024 1438

That, and more powerful resize options as requested previously. :1st_place_medal:

When there is a button, one is tempted to (ab)use it. :wink:

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #278

That’s very strange… I have taken the RAW sample image for the 550D available from here, and daylight WB works fine:


Indeed, I checked again just now and could not reproduce the problem. The cropped screenshot proves that it can happen… :man_shrugging::woman_shrugging: oh well.

PS I don’t know: the WB module has always been buggy in various ways. Summary of the other issues that I have encountered so far (some may have been already fixed):

  1. Reset buttons don’t always work.
  2. When I choose a preset, the values don’t always switch to the new one.
  3. When I change the values manually, choosing the same preset later would not reset them.
  4. Area rectangle sometimes changes dimensions on its own.
  5. Area rectangle doesn’t disappear when I choose another tab. It does when I choose another layer but doesn’t reappear when I go back to WB.