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There was a problem in the creation of the distributed .zip file, reasulting in an empty lensfun database.

I have now moved back to .dmg packages. Could you please download the latest .dmg and check if the lens corrections are working again (they are on my OSX system)?


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hi, was this a hand-held shot? If tripod, I’d have expected it sharper, those SMC Takumars were pretty good lenses I always thought.

LOL as they say

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Yes @RawConvert, handheld shot.

I am still getting used to getting sharp focus on that lens.

Edit: I had better success in my water lily shot though. Check out the[Play Raw].

Yes, it is fixed, also the lensfun is working. Thanks!!
Also, Export As has been changed to Export To, Great.:grinning:

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Yes the lens correction works fine now. Thanks for your very quick fix!

RAW developer

  1. WB mode daylight and tungsten are broken.


  2. Does batch mode support export settings? E.g., can I enable compression?

RAW loader

  1. Can open another raw file. However, cannot reopen a previously opened file. E.g., if I have raw0.file, raw1.file and raw2.file. I open raw2 via top open icon first. Then I go to RAW loader’s open and select raw0. It opens. When I try to go back to raw2, it doesn’t load (something happens in background but preview stays the same). When I go to raw1, it loads. Now that all 3 files have been open once, I cannot switch raw1 to raw0 or raw2.

  2. Also, it would be nice if the tab title changed to the name of whichever raw file I have open. If there are multiple RAW loaders, then it should display the bottom most layer’s.

Which camera?

Not yet, but it is high in the todo list…

Sounds definitely like a bug in the handling of opened files… I never really tried this myself, but I will look into it.


Canon T2i aka 550D.

Sample WB output values:

WB RGGB Levels As Shot          : 1896 1024 1024 2005
WB RGGB Levels Auto             : 1896 1024 1024 2005
WB RGGB Levels Measured         : 1758 1024 1023 2160
WB RGGB Levels Daylight         : 2236 1024 1024 1577
WB RGGB Levels Shade            : 2608 1024 1024 1339
WB RGGB Levels Cloudy           : 2427 1024 1024 1450
WB RGGB Levels Tungsten         : 1570 1024 1024 2399
WB RGGB Levels Fluorescent      : 1949 1024 1024 2245
WB RGGB Levels Kelvin           : 1141 1024 1024 3372
WB RGGB Levels Flash            : 2497 1024 1024 1438

That, and more powerful resize options as requested previously. :1st_place_medal:

When there is a button, one is tempted to (ab)use it. :wink:

That’s very strange… I have taken the RAW sample image for the 550D available from here, and daylight WB works fine:

Indeed, I checked again just now and could not reproduce the problem. The cropped screenshot proves that it can happen… :man_shrugging::woman_shrugging: oh well.

PS I don’t know: the WB module has always been buggy in various ways. Summary of the other issues that I have encountered so far (some may have been already fixed):

  1. Reset buttons don’t always work.
  2. When I choose a preset, the values don’t always switch to the new one.
  3. When I change the values manually, choosing the same preset later would not reset them.
  4. Area rectangle sometimes changes dimensions on its own.
  5. Area rectangle doesn’t disappear when I choose another tab. It does when I choose another layer but doesn’t reappear when I go back to WB.

Batch processing. Would it be possible for a batch to use the camera WB of each raw? Currently, I think it only uses the values of the raw from which the preset was made.

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Thank you for considering many of my suggestions and keeping a to-do list for the features that haven’t been implemented. :slight_smile:

Samplers, windowing and docking

The current problem that I have with it is that its real estate is quite small and not vertically adjustable. Please make it so. I also tried turning on the floating dialogue setting but there is no way to make samplers a window. Maybe make it like GIMP or Inkscape where the user could dock or detach everything at will, including histogram, samplers and even the layers dialog.


More sampler features to consider

1 I don’t know if you followed GIMP Guides and Sample Points but @prokoudine’s mock up is fairly robust. With a little refinement, samplers might be my favourite tool yet.

2 Like with WB, I hope to have an option to use an area sampler.

3 Unsure whether I mentioned this before, but I would like the option to delete a sampler. I don’t like having to drag it to a new location. I would rather delete it and plop it down somewhere else.

4 Along those lines, it would be rad if I could (re)name these samplers. I don’t think this is a feature in any app. A labelled sampler could also double as a general label to remind me of something when I open an old or incomplete pfi.

Edit: 5 Previously, I mentioned being able to switch between various RGB and R’G’B’. What I meant was being able to change the values to reflect RGB other than the working profile’s. E.g., if I use Linear Rec.2020, it would be super useful if I could view the coordinates in standard sRGB, etc.

PS Floating dialogues feedback
1 First time I switched over, I didn’t know how to activate the window. Apparently, at least on Windows, I have to double click the tool layer in question. I would rather it be a single click.
2 Another thing is the [x] of the windows are faded out, at least on Windows. The only way to dismiss each is to press [Esc].

Opening 2nd, 3rd, etc. raw sometimes crashes PhotoFlow. Don’t know how to make more predictable. This is not a new problem; I reported this before.

:thinking: The perspective tool isn’t working in photoflow-w64-20180625.

Hi Carmelo,
making a try about default.pfp under win10.
It works when apply default processing profile is set and default.pfp stored under C:\ProgramData\photoflow\presets.
Thank you very much for that. :smile:
But this setting is not saved for the next PF session.
Edit: copied this on github issue #155

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When I use batch mode, I get the error

error buffer: TIFFSetField: Z:\_MG_0796.tif: Unknown tag 317

My camera is the 550D. Not a big deal but I thought I should mention it.

BTW, are you still planning to add output options to batch? :sunny:

Yes, this is definitely planned, but I am still thinking about the best way to pass the output parameters on the command line…

Maybe you could store that info in the preferences. I use the same export options regularly. The other way would be to add more switches like a traditional command line app.

@Carmelo_DrRaw photoflow-w64-20180721_1120-git-stable crashes when I try to open the CR2 in [PlayRaw] Coffee Drops.

Edit: log.txt (3.8 KB)

I have tried to open the “coffee drops” RAW with photoflow-w64-20180721_1120-git-stable using wine (I do not have access to windows at the moment), and I got no crashes:

Does it crash all every time in your case? Is this the only problematic image? Do you have a standard preset (default.pfp) that gets applied to the RAW images?

Yes, it crashes every time, no matter which raw file I open. No, I haven’t applied a preset; everything is as-is from the zip file. Could someone with Windows (I have win10) confirm?