[Play Raw] Processing a very high-contrast raw



What are those?

Cool. Is that an application of a certain paper? I know Fattal has a bunch of stuff on tone mapping.

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Gradient Domain High Dynamic Range Compression
But it was changed by many people before it fell into our hands.

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[Play Raw] Processing another very high dynamic range raw
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I did not want to move this as his post touches both the current and his own image. that’s why i asked @Gobo to start a new thread.

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Specifically for darktable. Mask features in darktable is what I would love to use and what I am missing in LR. I was thinking about GIMP when I saw tutorials with masks in dt so I decided to give it a try.


Maybe it’s a bit late but here is my try with darktable :slight_smile:

DSCF3284__02.RAF.xmp (8.1 KB)

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I’ve finally managed to create my own version!

There’s still a lot I don’t like about this particular end result, but thanks to you all I now have all the power to do with pixels whatever I want! (Deciding what that is is a whole another story :slight_smile: )

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Looks great!

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I think I’ve overdone it with blue-ness of the sky a bit :slight_smile:


Wow, interesting picture. Very difficult to get what was in my mind (and I couldn’t get it, still working on it), but it worth trying!

I know I’m a bit late, but I couldn’t resist to the challenge.
My workflow in DT is based on global tonemap and everything after it was to give back some contrast and 3rd dimension feeling to the picture. Eventually I had to use a drawn+parametric task for levels in order to bring back the green part in the shadow. Still not happy with the green color!

DSCF3284.RAF.xmp (2.1 KB)

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I thought I’d take a try at this one with Darktable. Not sure if this is what you were after, but maybe it could help.

DSCF3284.RAF.xmp (4.5 KB)

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DSCF3284.RAF.xmp (6.4 KB)

Not really a complete process, just to share this tone mapping technique:

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I passed by your image, and thought of like Jurassic park/dinosaur island lol, so I made an edit to reflect that


Darktable : mainly exposure with mask, base curve, shadows/highlights.
DSCF3284.RAF.xmp (4.6 KB)

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Using the worflow I detail in Solving dynamic range problems in a linear way, here is my second take :

DSCF3284.RAF.xmp (14.5 KB)