[PlayRaw] 4: the Irish musician


(Carmelo Dr Raw) #1

For the next PlayRaw exercise, a would like to propose a shot I took during a recent trip to Ireland:

I’d really interested to see how you would interpret the light and composition in this picture!

You can read some details about the shot and see my own edit here.

Get the RAW file from here (Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike), and have fun!

[Solved] hdr workflow - ask for guidance

A Rawtherapee edit:

This crop is for highlighting the interplay between the musician’s face and his instrument. The lighting is subdued, tone mapping is used. Grad filter added to the sunny side of his beard.

(Jonas Wagner) #3

I had to try the obvious:

It turned out a bit gloomy but I think it worked. :slight_smile:


With Rawtherapee (and maybe not quite as obvious :smile: )
Limerick-img00026840.nef.pp3 (10.1 KB)

(Pat David) #5

Giving it a quick play myself. Rawtherapee (img00026840.nef.pp3 (9.9 KB)) develop, then into GIMP + G’MIC for B&W toning, freaky details, masks, and addition of a little bit of grain. Oh, and a crop.

(Andrea Volpato) #6

I opted for a color version. I tried to make the accordion emerge emphasizing the red of the instrument and enhancing the contrast with the blue of trousers, trolley and the electric panel on the back. I removed the distracting green of the mold on the bottom of the wall and I added some local contrast, a bit of grain and few other small corrections. All inside darktable img00026840.nef.xmp (13.9 KB).

(Morgin) #7

Here’s mine edited with GIMP 2.9, G’MIC film emulation Fuji 160C set to higher, a slight color adjustment to balance the reds and bring out more green, custom curves, wavelet sharpening and grain.

(todd) #8

Rawtherapee and Gimp (and some Nik Cfx in Gimp)

(Dave) #9

Here’s my go at this one. Done in Darktable to bring out the red accordion and minimize the graffiti colors, tightened up the crop. and did some adjusting to the highlights and shadows via a few methods.

(Pat David) #10

Is there any chance you could re-upload the raw file for us? I’m going through and making sure to archive all the playraw files on our servers so we don’t end up with dead links…

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #11

@patdavid I think it was this one: https://filebin.net/jblpy3n6g4bjwgtb

Thanks for hosting the images!


Here’s my 5minute workflow. Basically reducing red and using GMIC Tone Enhance


darktable for all but sharpening done via gimp/gmic

(David Wilson) #14

This version processed in Rawtherapee.

and the .pp3 file
Carmelo_DrRaw-img00026840.nef.pp3 (9.4 KB)


nice shot! Here is my edit in darktable (git master).
Carmelo_DrRaw-img00026840.nef.xmp (15.9 KB)

(Alex) #16

Seem to have got to this one a bit late. All done in Lightzone …

On top of the default RAW adjustments and RAW Tone Curve, added a Zone Mapper to improve the contrast, a Relight to bring out some more detail in the shadows, a ‘Crisp’ style, some sharpening and a ZoneMapper Vignette. Oh, and a crop.


(Shreedhar Inamdar) #17

I really liked the image. Tried to give a harsh, despondent mood. Shadows seem to creep on him from above!!
Carmelo_DrRaw-img00026840.jpg.out.pp3 (10.0 KB)

(Thomas) #18

My try in DT. Nice photo!

Carmelo_DrRaw-img00026840.nef.xmp (12.8 KB)

(John) #19

Thanks. Interesting one. I didn’t notice todd’s crop but thought I’d try a heavy crop and have a go at the old gritty black and white approach to similar photo’s but in colour.

Mixed fotoxx,rt and gimp work.


(Boris Hajdukovic) #20

Nice shot @Carmelo_DrRaw! Was joy to play with :slight_smile:
Done with Darktable - some basic adjustments - and GIMP. In GIMP, darkened background and lightened face of musician. Than with G’MIC plug-in applied PictureFX Film emulation “GoldFX - Spring breeze” preset: