[PlayRaw] 4: the Irish musician

Interesting results! I’m glad this thread has been revived!

@Ajohn I like the crop and overall contrast in your edit. The only thing that disturbs me a bit is the fact that the clipped highlights are grey and not totally white (see for example the edge of the hat).

@s7habo I really like the separation you did between the musician and the background. The only thing I would correct are the color casts in the bright regions in front of the shoes.

@patdavid and other pixls.us site developers: this is really one of the cases where I’d love to have a browsable gallery of all the submitted images. So I’ve started wondering: would it be possible to submit the pictures to a gallery linked to the thread, instead of into the post itself? No idea if this would be technically possible, but would be really great!

Yes! I suggested something similar here Thumbnails in post list view? - #5 by afre

On my list of things to look into once I’m not working 60+ hours a week :wink:

Take your time my friends. (I am just as if not more busy. I am here because it helps me relax :rofl:.)

@Carmelo_DrRaw. Very extreme highlight recovery in RT and some curve work as I thought that leaving it white and clipped detracted from the rest. It’s actually bought out some detail and I thought is effectively a shade of the hat.

:kissing_heart: You have the honour of posting the shot I have done most work on from this site. I’ve wanted to try the general effect for some time but lacked a suitable subject.


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I thought of giving this another try. This time a rather stark BW version!
Carmelo_DrRaw-img00026840-1.jpg.out.pp3 (10.8 KB)

As this thread got revitalised, I thought I’d also give it a shot. And since soo many good entries are already there I tried walking the fine line between real and surreal.
Basics done in RT including strong flattening of contrast using wavelets. Also used the curves in the Lab module extensively to e.g. desaturate the lights and equalize all other saturations…kind of…
Then into Gimp. Used my hue overlay layers with masking to pull out the face and the instrument. Added a C2G layer to ad details only to the shadows and finally added a gradient from the face to the lower right corner.
My aim was to illuminate the face and the instrument and to keep it looking natural while right on the edge to being unnatural or surreal.
You tell me if it worked…

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Very nice BW version! It might be worth a tighter crop, to better put in evidence the contrast between the old man and the texture of the wall:

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Revive this topic? Certainly!

My favourites are from @HIRAM (grungy!) and @Wocket (the light!).

Here is my take: gritty and candid.

1 PhotoFlow → linear Rec.2020 (no clipping).
2 gmic → interpolate unwanted pixels → brighten → grey out chromatic aberration → generate mask for enfuse.
3 enfuse → recover highlights.
4 gmic → remove alpha and interpolate unwanted pixels from enfuse output → brighten.
5 pnmclahe → local contrast enhancement.
6 gmic → recover chroma from pnmclahe output → brighten → crop → sharpen (tone) → resize → sharpen (edge) → vignette (vigrect; try it :slight_smile:).

I think there is too much emphasis on the background, the bricks are too sharp and too contrasty. The face is very flat and you’ve lost what little of the eyes there were! I’d try and darken the background more, pop some contrast back into the face… not sure how you’d do that with g’mic, but I’d like to see it! :wink:

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True that. I haven’t done any local manipulation besides enfuse and pnmclahe. Guess I need to fire up GIMP. To be continued…


In my previous attempt, enfuse somehow messed up the right cheek. This time, I simplified the workflow and softened the brick.

1 PhotoFlow → linear Rec.2020 (no clipping).
2 gmic → interpolate unwanted pixels → grey out chromatic aberration → brighten (copy) → generate mask.
3 enfuse → recover highlights using linear copy and mask.
4 gmic → remove alpha from enfuse output → brighten in the :arrow_upper_left: direction → brighten and add contrast to favour the face.
5 gimp → create a mask for the brick.
6 gmic → soften brick → crop → sharpen (tone) → resize → sharpen (edge) → vignette (vigrect).

Better than before I guess. Additional critiques are welcome :wink:.

Edit: oops, I forgot to include the gimp step. Added it to the workflow list.


I like this one a lot more!

with darktable 2.60

Carmelo_DrRaw-img00026840.nef.xmp (19,6 Ko)

Love your edit! This would be my inclination as well, gritty and muted. Cropped in close to keep the attention on the musician’s face and accordion.