[PlayRaw] A Small Alpine Autumn Collection


(Immanuel Wilhelmy) #1

This is some other kind of play raw: autumn has provided some great opportunities for shooting. Unfortunately I rarely brought a tripod with me (I know, I know … not good). So I preferably shot in shutter priority (my manual Minolta lenses are “per default” in aperture priority) and inspected all images for being free of motion blur (at least I saw none or neglegtable amount of).

So this just for all being interested to relax, enjoy and - play raw! (nevertheless I am curious if there is a good solution for the high-ISO-ones). All images are license CC-BY-SA. My processing results and other images can be found on my website (https://photos.wilhelmy.at ).



DSC00213.ARW (23.7 MB)
DSC00307.ARW (24.4 MB)
DSC00217.ARW (23.7 MB)
DSC00385.ARW (24.3 MB)
DSC00183.ARW (23.7 MB)
DSC00418.ARW (24.3 MB)

Here are my corresponding images:

(Jonas Wagner) #2

Very nice pictures. I especially liked 213 so I had a little play with that:

Thank you for sharing these! :slight_smile:


dcraw -e $f >> just a big magenta short of a perfect triadic palette =)

(Thomas) #4

Great pictures! My try wit Darktable.

DSC00213.ARW.xmp (3.9 KB)


Just RT:

DSC00183.ARW.pp3 (12.1 KB)


Great one, @Thomas_Do. But there’s a lot of colour noise which you could easily get rid of. In the screenshot you can see my measure against the colour noise.


@seume I like how dynamic your photos are, esp. the ribbon like shapes in DSC00183. Thanks for sharing!

(Thomas) #8

@chris: Thanks for your kind comment. Yes, I have seen the power of the profiled denoise module discussed in this forum before. I must confess, to my shame, that I don’t care much for denoising when playing with the PlayRaws :flushed:. For my own work, I try to adapt the noise reduction to the final size/resolution of the image. The profiled denoise module is definitely great.

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #9

Nice pictures @seume ! Thanks for sharing. Here are my tries on two of them. Done in RT5.3.
Rest later!
DSC00213.jpg.out.pp3 (11.9 KB)

DSC00183.jpg.out.pp3 (12.4 KB)

A bit of GIMP for the second one.

(Immanuel Wilhelmy) #10

Hi all! thank you for your feedback!
@chroma_ghost : thanks for the hint with “triadic palette” just knew triadic in context of classical painting. Next time I will look out for a magenta flower to add :slight_smile:
@Thomas_Do : shaping 213 as a panorama is a great idea! gives vertically nice 3rds! and makes the picture more balanced
@chris : you added two instances of denoise - would you also share the settings for the hidden one?
@shreedhar : I like your version of 183.

Thanks all for your comments - it is a pleasure to provide “raw material” to such a constructive and creative community!



Since I like the ribbon like shapes in DSC00183, here is my take of that photo. I kept it very simple this time.

  1. dcraw
    Linear 16-bit sRGB export, highlight blend mode.

    I am already satisfied with the output! But what is the fun in that?

  1. gmic
    a) sharpen using tone mapping
    b) curves to increase brightness, contrast
    c) apply gamma, crop (not a special ratio :slight_smile:)
    d) prep for your viewing pleasure

Edit: it doesn’t look good unless you click to zoom. As I said below:

The thing is that the mountains have lots of fine detail so they would look much better when viewed on a larger (and higher quality) screen or mode. I suppose that I could make it suitable for 690px or smaller widths but that would not do justice for such a magnificent view.


The technique is something I learned from @hanatos in this thread. I did not want to post the image itself because I am not happy with the results (yet). The settings are: profile: ILCE-6000 iso 500; mode: wavelets; strength: 0.028; blend: uniformly; blend mode: lightness.

Btw, does somebody know what the blotch in the lower right of this picture is and how to remove it with dt (besides cropping it away)?


That Is why I would wish for the ability to scroll through all the images of a thread zoomed. I often find that pictures that look good small not necesarilly look good big and vice versa.
BTW, nice version, what does highlight blend mode in dcraw do??

(Thomas) #14

My try for 183 in DT.

DSC00183.ARW.xmp (17 KB)


A. I recall the discussion on adding a gallery mode to discuss. The thing is that the mountains have lots of fine detail so they would look much better when viewed on a larger (and higher quality) screen or mode. I suppose that I could make it suitable for 690px or smaller widths but that would not do justice for such a magnificent view.

B. I believe that this mode is present in many raw processors. My understanding is that it is a compromise between clip and unclip modes. In dcraw, clip means that the multipliers go above 1 and values that exceed 255 or 65535 are clipped. Unclip means that the multipliers are normalized such that the greatest would be set to 1. That way, theoretically, there wouldn’t be any clipping from demosaicing.

The consequence of unclip is the possibility of color shift in the whites. Blend mode prevents that from happening. But I have noticed that the algorithm isn’t perfect and can actually produce clipping that is worse in appearance than clip itself. dcraw has other blend modes as well (RT has even more but many of the principles are the same) but I typically stick with clip, unclip and blend because of their simplicity. The rest I would rely on G’MIC or GIMP, or in your case RT, to do the heavy lifting.

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #16

@seume, here is one more of your photos:
DSC00418.jpg.out.pp3 (12.3 KB)

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #17

And another one!
DSC00307.jpg.out.pp3 (11.7 KB)

(Gys Van Zyl) #18

Nice images! Here’s my try on one of them using darktable:

(Immanuel Wilhelmy) #19

@shreedhar : beautiful! Your colours look more natural than mine (when in darktable I first hit “Velvia” - maybe for the larches/lake a little bit overdone…).
@afre: you observed the “details” in 183 (which seems to be kind of a favorite): when you do zoom in a lot you can even see the small cross at the main peak (in Austria on nearly every mountain peak there is a wooden/stelle cross with a height of typically 3-4 meter).
@chris: with “blotch” in the lower right - do you mean the white spot? This is a house - I like to include - if possible -
somewhere a building in my pictures to make the dimensions visible - kind of “big nature” and “small human”.


Yes! I noticed that too :slight_smile:. However, my minimalism may have selected demosaicing, sharpening and resizing methods that didn’t perserve the cross all that well. If you compare the dcraw and gmic outputs, the cross is definitely not as defined in the latter :cry:.

I enjoy that attention to detail and picking out points of interest in a photo. It is kind of my approach to PlayRaws as well. I would try to make it [1] unique, [2] have an experimental element, [3] while honoring the original photo. It is not always easy to balance those 3 elements since I am a beginner at post-processing; I started doing this just this year believe it or not. I couldn’t resist the PlayRaw!