[PlayRaw] Mairi Further

I haven’t had any chances to shoot with Mairi since LGM/London (with her living in Italy…). I need to find a new model that can put up with me…

I was looking through some old images and sort of like the feeling of this particular shot. I thought it might be fun to let everyone else have at it as well, to see what all of you talented folks here come up with! :slight_smile:

My original take is here:

Mairi (Further)

Here’s the raw file: P1280191.ORF (13.0 MB)

I think this was my PP3 file: P1280191.ORF.pp3 (10.2 KB)

This file is licensed
(Creative Commons, Attribution-ShareAlike) by me, Pat David.

I realized while posting this that my original was done on an old non-color profiled display, so the colors may be slightly off from what I was thinking. If I have a little time later this week I’ll re-process and join in posting the results.


Here’s mine, and thanks for sharing!

P1280191.ORF.pp3 (10.6 KB)


Thanks @patdavid for the the op and everybody for sharing their processing =)

Mairi looks a bit sad :fish:
A mix of Rawtherapee and Photoflow, done in Gimp with some gmic magic and thge slightiest provia hues

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i like your shadow tones pat! also the marine blue background seems fitting. more than the slight purple i get out of the box. tried to reproduce your mood in darktable, but left the skin tones warm:

pulled some shadow/highlight and midtone contrast sliders (plus a few unnecessary things with the background)


Heres mine done in Darktable. A bit of saturation, monochrome module and clarity in equaliser.


Thanks @patdavid for access to the file. I don’t often get such an opportunity. My version, using the Fuji Superia 800 3+ HaldCLUT film simulation in RawTherapee at 60%, -12 saturation, Black: 200, some wavelet contrast & denoising, Tone Curve 1: luminance giving a kick to the mid-tones, Tone Curve 2: film-like with an s-curve emphasizing highlights and mid-tones.



…and one from me, RT & Gimp.


Fun :smiley:

@bminney I especially like your crop


Here is an attempt just in RT

P1280191.jpg.out.pp3 (10.0 KB)
And then, tweaked further a bit using layer masks in GIMP

Edit: The shirt looked a bit yellow. So blended a BW version in GIMP to remove the color tint on the shirt and reduce the yellowness of the skin.

Thanks for the photo. It was great fun to edit.

Only with Darktable

P1280191.ORF.xmp (23.9 KB)

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A bit more drama, and a better crop (“borrowed” from @bminney :stuck_out_tongue:)


@patdavid, thanks for the picture. Do I see your patented wavelet skin smoothing?

Here’s my attempt using photoflow:

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These are all awesome shots. I will have a go with darktable tonight

P1280191.ORF.pp3 (9.3 KB)

Here’s my 20min play with it. Dev in Rawtherapee, I rely on contrast by detail to reduce contrast on level 1-3 mostly targeting skin tones. I also raised the blacks and sharpened edges.

Sorry to see you lose such a beautiful model Pat.

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Here is my darktable edit. I tried to emphasize her face and keep her bright blouse less distracting by focussing the exposure correction on her face with a drawn mask and a wide feather area, which also adds som vignetting. I preferred less contrast and pulled back the colors a little bit. The free room above her head inspired me crop the image this way. …and I added some grain (not sure if this is the best decision, but it I think it basically works for this image)


dcraw -h -T conversion, edited in McGimp.


My try:


Wow! That was pure joy! :slight_smile:

Played with Darktable and GIMP.


My try using darktable:


You guys are inspiring! Keep them coming! :smiley: :clap: