[pxChallenge] Civilization without people


Well actually there is one person in this photo :slight_smile:


Here is my triad, Civilization Without Personages.

Rạch Miễu Bridge

Moses L. Rosendin Park, California

The Gravitron, Morgan Hill, CA

(Stefan Weiberg) #23

I have an analogue shot from the streets of Sendai.
(Pentax MZ-3 with 77mm limited and a roll of Fujifilm Venus 800. Scanned with an RPS 10M)

And a more post apocalyptic one shot in the port of Hachinohe.
(Fujiflm X-T3 with XF 50-140mm and ClassicChrome)


These are great @suntorytimed

(Stefan Weiberg) #25

whoops, fixed


I am glad to see this pxChallenge working out. :cheese:

@HIRAM Nice cables.

@suntorytimed Nice spokes.

(Aurélien Pierre) #27

Montréal, Christmas 2018/New Year 2019.

(Mica) #28

I had been meaning to post to this thread, but only found the time today.

This is on the way to Las Vegas, NV from Los Angeles, CA. I like going where people have been, but currently are not, so this thread suites my style well.


Okay, okay. I will  E A T.  (Cooking vegetables ATM.) I wonder how heavy that sign is…



PS: Does it not have some sort of resemblance to darix’ avatar?

(Hevii Guy) #32

While on a project in Southern Armenia a couple of years ago, I came across this site …