Raw .CR2 files importing extremely noisy

Not sure if this is a bug or I’m doing something wrong. When I go to import my .CR2 raw files from my Canon Rebel SL1, they appear lighter than the actual photo, and VERY noisy. Like, absolutely unusable. Even when I apply as much noise reduction as possible and export as a JPEG, it makes no difference whatsoever. a JPEG of the same photo, however (I shoot in raw+JPEG) imports, receives edits, and exports as a JPEG just fine. Also, when using either of these formats, some sliders and settings seem not to do anything, but that might be just because I don’t know how to use the program that well, and for another post. Also sorry if I did anything wrong, first time using this forum.


Can you provide a sample?

When you say the raw is importing “lighter than the actual photo”, are you comparing it to the in-camera jpg? The raw and the jpg coming from the camera are very different. Also, some parameters in rawtherapee are only seen at 1:1 viewing scale. Therefor you need to be viewing 1:1 to make your adjustments.
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A sample, as @CarVac said, would be helpful. Also, what version of the software you’re using and what platform you’re using it on (Linux, Mac, Windows).

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I’m comparing it to the raw photo, though it’s lighter than both.

I’m on 4.2.1375 and Windows 10. Working on a sample right now.

And this tools are marked with an 1:1 label in gui :slight_smile:


Remember the little raw preview shown in the browser before opening the photo is also a jpg generated by the camera internally and saved inside the raw. There are things you can do to emulate the look of the in-camera jpg’s. Someone recently posted an importable tone curve that mimics the camera process. Personal tone curve

No it’s not that, the raw photo looks fine when I open it within say Windows photo viewer. Only when I run it through Rawtherapee does it get all jacked up.

I don’t know about windows photoviewer but I imagine it is doing something to avoid displaying the image in linear gamma.

Windows Photo Viewer is viewing an embedded JPEG, which is identical to (but more compressed than) the separate JPEG.

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Also there is the default “auto-levels” behavior in rawtherapee which can be reset…

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Alright here’s a sample. Here’s the original raw image:

And here’s the same raw file run through Rawtherapee and exported as JPEG, no edits whatsoever:

Can you post a link to the actual .cr2? It looks normally noisy because I suspect auto-levels has raised the shadow areas more than you’re liking.

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You should be able to just drag and drop a .CR2 file into the post editor to upload it here.

Maybe you should start with this setting:

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Here: IMG_6660.CR2 (26.0 MB)

Okay so that has fixed the image being lighter than original, so that was an edit I made that somehow got saved, I suppose? Either way it’s still importing noisier than the original CR2.

Please take a look: Raw .CR2 files importing extremely noisy - #8 by Morgan_Hardwood !

With the neutural profile you are seeing the original raw. Opening a raw in rawtherapee has a default behavior of setting the contrast and exposure levels, etc. for you automagically.