RawTherapee 5.5 is one week away


(Stefan Chirila) #17

Hey guys, here’s 3 things I found; they may or may not belong in this thread but here it goes.

1: When I add a node to the curve to smoothen the upper part (so it doesn’t clip to white but progresses slowly instead) it creates that weird knee-like pattern. Is this supposed to be like that?
2: When messing with the colour channels in the tint section, once I am done with that channel and switch to another, the changes go away. Practically only All channels at once, or just one of the three can be altered.
3: It would be nice if one didn’t have to choose between curves either being colour or luminosity. Would be nice to have settings for both changing.




(Rick Scheibner) #18

I messed around with it tonight for a while and couldn’t find anything wrong. The added features are welcome; I just need to go find something hazy to photograph now. One question, I see that there is a section for the Bayer sensors but not the X-trans anymore. What’s the story behind that? Thanks to all of the devs who work so hard to put this together. The efforts have been appreciated. We’re getting a new computer soon and I won’t be installing Lightroom anymore.


Yes, at https://rawtherapee.com/releases_head/windows/RawTherapee_releases-5.5-rc1_WinVista_64.exe

(Stefan Chirila) #20

:frowning: think the 5.5 rc1 might have clut issues :frowning:


If you open an X-trans .RAF it should show the section for X-trans instead of Bayer.

(Alberto) #22


Yes, sort of. We have changed the spline interpolation procedure. It seems this is catching a lot of people off-guard, so we are trying to fix this for the final release. See also:

You need to use different regions for modifying different channels:

this is neither a bug nor a regression.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #23

Interestingly, I got the same kind of message when trying to run RT with wine under Linux. However, as far as I ca tell the program runs fine in Windows 10.
Which windows version are you using?


Do you mean that the curve would change both simultaneously?
Then I would disagree. I would rather prefer having two sets of RGB curves so I could use one set in color and the other in luminosity mode.

(Morgan Hardwood) #25

It’s clean as a whistle.

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #26

I have been experimenting with the new Rawtherapee 5.5 RC1. It is working fine. No issues. Fantastic work and many thanks to the devs.

However, what is the reason behind addition of the Softlight module?
I am asking this because I use screen and multiply blend modes far more often than the softlight mode (when using GIMP).
SO a related enquiry would be : is it possible to have a drop down menu in that module and be able to choose the blending mode? The name of the module will then have to be changed to Blend Mode or something like that.

(Todd Prior) #27

Thanks Morgan

(Rick Scheibner) #28

Thank you, will check that out. I was actually just opening an old .CR2 file for testing purposes, but I’ll check it out again with a Fuji RAW file instead.

(Stefan Chirila) #29

@McCap mean having two separate ones so that one doesn’t have to choose between regular and luminosity


Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1.

(Stefan Chirila) #31

@agriggio thanks for the explanation. Yeah I thought it’s not a mistake but a feature; still I could imagine wanting to do both some colour tweaks and luminosity tweaks on the same picture :stuck_out_tongue: not a deal breaker though

(Luca) #32

I’m having the same RTCharls’ issue.

Windows 7 Pro 64bit with Service Pack 1 - 8GB RAM - i7 2600 3.4GHz

RT5.4 is running fine.
RT 5.5rc1 (tried the “official” build, the gaaned’s build and also the Carmelo’s portable build) all builds produced an error message: “The procedure entry point ScriptIsComplex could not be located in the dynamic link library GDI32.dll.”

There is another topic with this point: RT 5.5 doesnt run on Win 7


I installed RC1 on my Windows 10 machine. I can open RAWs directly from the app but when I try with right click > open with It just shows some command prompt box. Note: I have not spent too much time troubleshooting yet…


@chaimav which build were you using of the RC1/where was it downloaded from?


The one linked from RawTherapee.com


Ok I think that means the build was generated by @Carmelo_DrRaw who might know what is going on.