RawTherapee 5.7 Released plus a new website!

On behalf of the RawTherapee team I’d like to announce that they’ve just released version 5.7!
This includes the Film negative tool, support for reading the “rating” tags from Exif and XMP, and the usual bug fixes, speed optimizations, and raw format support improvements.

Windows and Linux Appimage binaries are avaialable now and macOS is coming soon.

See the release announcement/notes for more details:

One other thing…

There’s also a fancy new website built by @paperdigits and myself! This was a really long time coming (the first commit to the repo was in August 2018. I just got busy apparently and was unable to get time to work on it. Then @mariuszdaniel brought some new design inspiration and we finally pushed to get it done!

Thanks to everyone for being patient, the feedback, and the help (particularly @darix for coming through with the Hugo image we use to build the site on GitLab).

Of course, come check out the new website too!


The website is now hosted on GitLab here:

So report any website issues in the issue tracker there.


And the people rejoiced

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Site and 2.7 look great. Thanks to all who contributed and for listening to our feedback!


When I opened new site, it ate my eyes.
And I was afraid of such animation, variegation and bad taste. Please announce a fundraising for hiring a designer so that he makes a pleasant and functional site.
The old site was much nicer looking, more functional and did not irritate the eyesight.

When I installed Rawtherapee 5.7 on Windows, I got the directory C: \ Program Files \ RawTherapee \ releases-win64-5.7 . For previous versions of the program there are directories C: \ Program Files \ RawTherapee \ 5.3 \ and C: \ Program Files \ RawTherapee \ 5.6 .
What is the meaning of such a manipulation of directory names in the C: \ Program Files \ RawTherapee \ directory?

Sorry if I just said what I see, but did not do the exercises in political correctness.

Thank you!

Well, I for one, find the new site much more pleasant.


Hello Zorki! Welcome to the forum.

If you would like the world to tailor to your taste, all the time while being a complete git about it, a first step would be to earn some money and pay for what you consume. Otherwise you can of course fork the project, fork the website, fork the automated build infrastructure, and send pull requests with your generous improvements.

Maybe you could hire a programmer to make the changes for you.

Best regards


Somebody call the Burn Unit! Quickly!


Why did you write this? Seriously, do you think the new site looks good? Bright green and bright blue on dark brown? And you say that I have a bad taste? I thought people gathered here took a great interest in photography. And these people are familiar with composition, color matching, and beauty. And then suddenly a stupidly colorful and animated site appears. And I got scared and confused.
Why even touch the old version of the site?
And why are you trying to transfer the discussion to my person? Are you a communist?
And why did someone offer to express their opinion on the new site above? Or is it possible only a good opinion?

Hi Zorki:

First of all, it’s always better talking with respect to those that give you something for free (that is, no money involved). If you don’t like what is offered to you, just kindly decline the offer and go somewhere else that fulfills your taste or needs.

And maybe if you would have been a little longer here you would have read the post about the new RawTherapee website, where you could have said your opinion before it was even designed.

Nevertheless, it seems that there are a lot of people comfortable with the new design, and I would say even enjoying it. If you don’t like it, but still like RawTherapee, just download the software and keep using it.

No need to be aggressive. I would even say that you tame down your manners or better go away.

P.S.: I like the new website


Demosaicing is spelt wrong on the website!

Outstanding Raw Support

RawTherapee gives you best-in-class demoasicing, including using two demoasicing algorithms on the same image, compositing pixel-shift raw files with automatic ghost masking, working with multiple-frame raw files, dark frame subtraction, flat field correction, and hot/dead pixel correction!

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You did not say anything to the point. I am surprised at the ban on criticizing what someone does as a volunteer. If the volunteer is doing shit, should I still say that he is doing everything right? Are you seriously? The fool will color the site bright green on dark brown, and I have to tell him that he is well done?
I am indifferent to the design of the site. However, when I visited the new version of the site, I had a cultural shock. Therefore, I decided to share my opinion. Because this kind of site scares visitors away. If you are not interested in my opinion - do not read, go to another site. Download another program.
Good luck in the primitive business of persecuting those who have a different opinion. And you are much more aggressive than me. I criticized the site, and you attacked me personally. You are a typical zombie leftist.
I’m sure that your herd of intolerant opinions of others will ban me.

Thank you @Iain, fixed.

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Just ban this clown, already.

Yeah, ban everyone. That is why you are on the forum three cripples without their own opinions. And the forum is boring like dysentery.

Because of some of the above comments, I finally took a look at the new website.
I know it’s subjective, but to me it looks excellent and professional :+1::+1::+1:

The only slight criticism, would be the Latest News section. Bar for the latest item all the other items are pretty old and someone looking in for the first time might think not much is going on.

Thanks to Pat and Mica (and the rest).

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You could say your opinion in a polite way, and it will be welcomed

Well, to me is green over #222222 or rgb(34,34,34) or dark gray (whatever you name it).

But anyway, keep barking

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You could say your opinion in a polite way, and it will be welcomed

Haha, this whole forum is about a dozen people who constantly praise each other in a politically correct way. Therefore, strangers are bored here from such mutual love of adult men. And if a stranger says something outside the parameters of mutual love, the pack immediately banishes him.

Well, to me is green over #222222 or rgb(34,34,34) or dark gray (whatever you name it).

You do not have eyes and taste, if you like this motley. But this is not my problem.

But anyway, keep barking

Haha, political correctness in all its glory. I am impressed!

@zorki It has become painfully obvious that this place is not something you enjoy. So, may I ask, why are you still here?

Why are you not somewhere else, that’s more fitting for you tastes?

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It has become painfully obvious that this place is not something you enjoy. So, may I ask, why are you still here?

Do you want me to leave? Do you want everyone to leave and no one else to come? Do you want to be the only star in this forum?
I am here because I stopped by to say that the new site eats away the eyes of visitors. And I went to the site because the program is great and I use it. I went to the site to download the program. I experienced a culture shock from the new program site. And I went to the forum to say that the new site is terrible.
And yes, I know very well that those who make the program on the forum rarely appear. And some strange people manage this forum and poison strangers. Which in real life, as I understand it, there is nothing to occupy yourself. I hope you understand my simple thoughts.

Why are you not somewhere else, that’s more fitting for you tastes?

Why are you asking about this?

@zorki All you were able to contribute was negativity. Your opinions are subjective, and although you are entitled to them, they mean little, being… well you know… subjective. Especially so, when a lot more people find the site to be visually great.

My wants about your presence here are of little importance, stay or leave, but what does matter is that you don’t poison this community with your belligerent negativity.

It’s alright to dislike stuff, if you knew me, you’d know I hate PC, leftism and all that’s related to that.

However, that said, we’re talking about FREE software, that you use to (most) probably make money. Show some respect. Talk like a man, not a spoiled 14 year old brat.