Translating Filmulator

Thanks to @Luemmel Filmulator is going to have German translations in the next release.

That said, I did have to widen some UI elements to fit, but even with 50 more pixels of width the text for the last switch still did not fit.



By the way, @Luemmel, there’s one line I forgot to connect to the translation system… here’s the new link to the .ts file:

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This is my first time trying translations, so I don’t know quite how to incorporate them yet, but… you should use the Qt linguist tool on the following file to generate the translation:

Ok, finished translation. Can I test it in any way? (22.6 KB)

@CarVac we have a weblate instance now, if you’re interested in getting filmulator setup there to do translation.

How do I make use of weblate?

I can setup filmulator as a project, point it to the strings files, then people can translate, and it will make a PR with the updated files against your repo.

Do I need to manually make separate files for every language?

I think weblate will create the files as necessary. I’m not an expect (yet).

@CarVac Attached reworked translation and shortened some things. (23.3 KB)

Looks good so far. Will you provide different languge builds or include an option in the program to choose language?

The language is automatically selected if it matches your locale.

I think I may be able to make an override, though. The easiest thing will be an English/Not English toggle, but I suppose I should do it the right way and list the languages.

I’ve made an override that for now just forces the program into English.

New .ts file including that new setting:

You have PN :wink: