uploading (raw) images here: okay?

In a recent post, I went bold and just uploaded rendered JPEGs and RAW files directly in the post:

Is that okay? should i host large images somewhere else? I’m worried about the disk space usage here… :wink:

Obviously, I think it’s safe to assume I’m not supposed to host a whole photo gallery here, but I figured samples like this were okay.

Please let me know!

Yes, you can upload your raw files here. We are lucky that a few generous community members generally cover our hosting costs. We’d rather have the thread intact going forward, without any missing/broken links, so that means upload away! Also amazon s3 is fairly cheap, so…


… supporters such as you, if I understand correctly! so thank you very much for that… it makes things so much easier!

I wasn’t referng to myself as I give pretty little… Though I guess a few bucks a month is still a good bit of data on S3. :slight_smile:

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For what it’s worth, there’s an issue with large uploads right now, so you might want to be careful for non-RAW files.

RAW files are okay because they are not previewed, from what I understand.

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Well, we still don’t mind about large uploads. The bigger issue there is that some of the embedded versions of the images aren’t getting thumbnails generated properly, so the images are full-resolution directly in the post (which is undesirable). We’re still looking at it.

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