What DE are you using?

This is more or less a sequel to What OS are you running? in spirit with the original, as the question is just as non-original:

What desktop environment1 are you using?

  • Budgie
  • Cinnamon
  • EDE (Equinox)
  • Enlightenment (E)
  • Gnome (3)
  • KDE/Plasma
  • LXDE
  • LXQT
  • MATE
  • Unity
  • Window Manager: tiling (e.g. i3, awesome, xmonad, …)1
  • Window Manager: other (e.g. openbox, …)1
  • Xfce

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I guess some folks are using more than one DE, so just choose the one you either use most, use for photography or identify with (or any other reason, but choose you must :wink: ). I am also sorry for excluding all the Mac and Windows folks from the fun, but there’s not much to be done there.

Regarding the flurry of choices: In the previous poll it was discovered that you cannot edit a poll after votes were cast. Probably I still forgot some choices, please forgive me and describe your setup in a post. I would generally encourage anyone running a “custom” setup to describe it - it’s always cool to read about lesser known solutions.

1 I originally wanted to include window managers which are typical used “alone”, i.e. not as a part of a DE. There’s however way too many choices out there, so I bundled them into tiling WMs and other WMs - it would be cool if you left a description of what use exactly below.

I’m using i3 on my editing machine. I have applications set to open on certain workspaces and its awesome.

Very nice, 3 voters and the percentages are 33%, 33 and 34 :wink:

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I’m using Unity on my Ubuntu machines. I recently threw Manjaro/XFCE up on another machine and I really like it so far…much better than any past times where I have tried XFCE.

Altough, there is a lot of Gnome-bashing in the Linux community, I like it. I would prefer to have more configuration choices in the DE itself but I can also live with the Gnome shell extension concept.

where’s pantheon? :stuck_out_tongue:


On my stationary machine for me it’s Ubuntu Mate at the moment. My secondary machine runs Tumbleweed with KDE.
Both, KDE and Mate, work fine for me as normal user (non developer). Both are responsive and offer plenty of fine tools to work on the machines (e.g. file manager, drop down terminal, etc).

For the majority of time, I’m on Windows10, but I have a Xubuntu machine running as well.
I like Xfce, lightweight, fast, does what I want it to do

i3 for me, awesome is fine too.

I have no issues with either one of them but if I had to pick one I would choose Plasma (for photography).
My favorite applications happen to be KDE/Qt apps (Dolphin, digiKam, kdenlive, etc.)

I also use XFCE in VMs because it is light and looks good (for me).

I am on Windows 10 most of the time though (not by choice).

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I’m growing to prefer KDE more!

I’m becoming tired of “bloat”, so moving to Mate :slight_smile:

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I use Pantheon on elementary OS :stuck_out_tongue:

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On my desktop I use Fluxbox set to a very grey custom theme. Unfortunately it grabs my keys or otherwise makes me unable to drag the tiny slider squares that set range in some Rawtherapee tools. Have made lazy gestures towards looking in to it but so far I still can’t move those slidery things :cry:

Works in dwm, my other window manager, doesn’t work in PekWM.

i use windowmaker. always. on all computers.
i was searching for a favourite wm for years, but always got back to wmaker.
i think it is very powerful, flexible, and lightweight, and stable.

also i think it is beautiful.

lol, I’m missing the flexibility of KDE Plasma though…