Where is Local Lab please?

hi, I just installed win64 RT 4.2.862 via the link from the top of this item -
but I can’t see the tool! Where exactly is it please? Have I got the wrong build?

Also, is Local Lab now a permanent feature of the Master and GTK builds as they evolve, i.e. I can just keep getting the latest.

Here is a screen print showing 4.2.862 …


@RawConvert I don’t know if I made a mistake when packaging, and maybe I placed a regular Master build in that archive, but I wonder why nobody else brought this up before you.
Anyways, I just made a new build, you can get it from here.

hi again Sebastien, any thoughts on the second bit, Local Lab being in all builds going forward?

@RawConvert the Local Lab feature is under development and will remain on a separate branch until it’s ready to be merged. Preemptively: It’s not ready yet, and it will be done when it’s done.

I actually still have 4.2.862 installed, the tool is there and works as expected.