darktable nightly builds for macOS

Besides the already existing builds for Windows, github CI is now ready to create nightly builds of darktable for macOS.

Everyone who wants to test the current development of the github master branch can now download the nightly builds from here: Nightly Builds

Choose the topmost Nightly PKG link from the list. At the bottom of the page you will find the download link for the package. You need to be logged in into GitHub to access the link.

With github hosted runners for macOS we have the following limitations:

  • i386 (Intel) architecture
  • macOS 11 (Big Sur) or above

These are development builds, so always make a backup first!

You will get a warning from macOS “macOS cannot verify this app…”.
To fix this, open finder and navigate to the applications folder. Locate darktable.app and Ctrl-click, then choose “Open”. This needs to be done only on the first start.


Hi Mario I don’t know what I am doing wrong but if this is the correct place, the link for download is not working for me. iMac intel i7 os 13.2.1

At the bottom of the page, click on the darktable-...-i386.dmg. This is the download link.

Not working for me. and when over the text (darktable-4.3.0+756~g4f7a1903bc-i386.dmg) or cube the pointer does not change to the pointing finger as when over a link.

You have to log in into GitHub to be able to download.

Obviously!!! It works, downloaded, will test. Thank you both

So must I log in into GitH, I need paper, to download it or not?
Help a newbie please.

Yes, you need to be logged in into GitHub to get access to the download link.

zisoft already mentioned this, but I want you to be super clear.

These are nightly builds of the current code (aka master). It has all the latest edits from the day before. This means it has all the new fixes/features, but also could have all of the latest issues or new bugs. In some very rare cases it can screw up your database/images. If you are a newbie that just wants to use darktable, have a strong backup in place that allows you to go back or do not use these.


Or, simply don’t use/test nightlies until you’re ready and comfortable to do so.


The nightly builds can now be downloaded from the darktable releases page.

No need for a github account to download from there.