My father got me into photography

I introduced my Good boy Mr Shakes a while back. Now let me say a few words about my father, a tragic yet uplifting story to share.

My father is currently in the hospital (ICU), as he has been on and off for 2 decades, each time just as dire. Although the care and expertise is usually lacking, he seems to power through it! His will to live is unrivalled, of course with the assistance of my mother and me. Mostly me. I am his long term caregiver you see and so I don’t have time or money for anything else.

He is also the reason for my involvement in photography and by extension this forum. I am glad that I have found a place here! As the years passed, I didn’t want the gear or his passion go to waste. I picked it up despite the pain associated with it. Debt, anger, damaged equipment and relationships. But there are humorous and fun stories too.

I don’t know why I am saying this here and now, he may or may not survive this time, but I think I should honour him right now through the gratitude I have for him, while he is fighting for his life yet again. If you pray, pray for him, or support him in kind words, which I shall read out to him (or in deed, if you are so inclined). My father got me into photography. He is brave, kind and awesome.


I hope he gets well soon! Sending positive vibes.

If you haven’t told him this, you really should.


Your loyalty and dedication is both touching and admirable. All my best wishes are certainly extended towards you and your family. My dad passed away quite some time ago. I feel that what I inherited from him was his twisted sense of humor along with a sobering sense of practicality. Never does a day go by where I don’t use what he’s given me. Again, all my best!


@afre, your words are moving, and my thoughts are with you and your father.
Thanks for sharing thoughts and emotions.
More than ever, I’m proud to be part of this community, where people like you welcome newbies like me and help us thrive.


I can only echo the other sentiments of good will.

I understand that being the long-term caregiver can be hard both emotionally and mentally, and I hope that he pull through again (he sounds like a fighter!). I am sorry for the toll this must have on you. :frowning:

I happen to pray and I will say a prayer for both of you.

Also, what a treasure to share something neat like photography with him! That is something you’ll have forever to remember. Maybe you’ll pass on the interest to a new generation as well? I am glad to have you in the community - you make it richer by being here.


@afre, your father is in our prayers at the Butcher household. Know that he leaves a legacy manifest in your considered and patient participation here.


Our thoughts are with you. Please, extend my gratitude to your Dad, because thx to people like him we have stories and images that touch our hearts, and people to pass the torch along.

Remember, what matters is the journey that get us to be who we are and the people that makes that possible, and I’m sure your Dad is at the top of your list.

Greetings from this corner of the world.


@afre, I pray your father either makes a good recovery, as he has done or so many occasions in the past 2 decades, or failing that, they he has the opportunity to express his love for you and all his family and friends; and that you all find comfort in the journey you are travelling, both together now, and apart at some stage in the future.

These past 2 decades I have been an ordained pastor, and these past 10 years an aged care chaplain; I have been on many such journeys with people; each is unique. No one has any experience at dying, so everyone goes in as inexperienced as the next person. I pray that, whatever your (or your father’s) belief system, that you find comfort and reassurance.

As a Christian, I would refer to John 3:16; you may be aware of it.

Whatever the future may hold for you and your father, I pray you would continue to be able to express your gratitude for him, and yes - that he got you interested in the passion that is photography!

Do pass on my best wishes to your father if you think that helpful for him.



Thanks for the goodwill. My father is still in ICU but as far as we can tell much improved.


Another update. My father has been kicked out of the ICU even though the doctors say that he definitely isn’t ready. Now, we are at the point where he will likely lose his nursing home spot because he has been away for too long. Last few times, he was able to drop in for 24 hours; this time, it likely won’t be possible. If he survives this, he may not have a place to stay with medical support. Being in Canada, it is great to have medical benefits but every step of the way is fraught with difficulty and inefficiencies. Please continue to keep my father in your prayers and thoughts. Thanks.

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Sorry to hear this, and hope you are able to find a good solution for him. There are definitely some holes in the “social safety net” we have in Canada.

Definitely @afre. Take care.

:heart: Will do!

Yes; and you also! :pray:

Thanks community. Now, the hospital is just throwing meds at him, seeing what sticks. It is a major preoccupation and downer.

Yesterday, I got to visit university friends about 2 hours away I haven’t seen for years. Yay! Rented a car. Took some photos with my dad’s camera. Unfortunately, being so lost in my thoughts, I may have been duped by the rental place. I returned it no problem but they called me 2 hours later and asked me to return. They showed me what looked like a slashed or gouged tire, and got me to sign an incident report. Now, later in the day, I realize my mistake. I will call Avis customer service on Monday to file a complaint and ask them to investigate. Hope it works out. What a headache. Actually, I have been having migraines for a month already. Sigh.

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