Some 3D Camera Mapping I did with some of your Play Raw photos

I had a free weekend and I decided to try myself at Camera Mapping using Gimp and Blender.
Many of the Play Raw images are just amazing so I chose some of them to recreate in 3D.
Here the clips with a breakdown! They are CC-BY-SA

Thanks a lot for the wonderful photos and these beautiful Creative Commons Licenses! :sunflower:

All the Resources that I used down here

Into the fog by Pat David, CC-BY-SA - [PlayRaw] Into the Fog
Daylight Haze by Timur Davletshin, CC-BY-SA - [Play Raw] Daylight haze
Thou couldst be angry and send us rain by FBlovic, CC-BY-SA - [Play Raw] Thou couldst be angry and send us rain

GeeBee R2 Racing Plane airplane by tysonhh, CC-0 -
Lighthouse by jacobsiepker, CC-BY-SA -
Drone by rich33584, CC-BY-SA

rough inconsistent waves by Eelke, CC-BY -
Black Sea Waves by Black_River_Phonogram, CC-0 -
Flock of seagulls.wav by juskiddink, CC-BY -
seagulls.wav by kabit, CC-BY-NC -
Small Plane at 100 feet approx. Stereo by Duophonic, CC-0 -
Autumn wind and dry leaves.wav by Stek59, CC-0 -
Wind, Realistic, A.wav by InspectorJ, CC-BY -
jungle by spiid, CC-0 -
Jungle_Choco 02.wav by jaime_enrique, CC-0 -
sci-fi_implosion.wav by LloydEvans09, CC-BY-NC -
Sci-Fi - Effects - Interference, servo, filtered by GregorQuendel, CC-BY -
Helicopter Flyby.wav by Pedaling Prince, CC-BY -
Sci_Fi_Machine 2.wav by SieuAmThanh, CC-0 -
Star Wars-Style: Small Vehicle Sound by Vendarro, CC-0 -
sci-fi1.WAV by Hoerspielwerkstatt_HEF, CC-BY -


Holy shit, dude! Fantastic work.


That’s amazing… would you consider writing a quick tutorial on how you do this?


thank you!
If there is interest, I’ll certainly write something down here!


Jaw dropping!
I’m with @mbs, a tutorial (maybe for a simple case to get started) would be awesome.


I’d love a tutorial or breakdown.

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