[PlayRaw] Venise la sérénissime


(Sebastien Guyader) #1

After playing with Venetian ghosts and cicchetti, I wanted to share to more images I took visiting Venice last year.

The files below are licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike.

DSCF1393.RAF (22.4 MB)
DSCF1393.RAF.pp3 (10.5 KB)

DSCF1429.RAF (22.0 MB)
DSCF1429.RAF.pp3 (10.5 KB)

What would you make of these?

PS: the color LUTs I used can be downloaded from here, I converted them to HaldCLUTs using G’MIC.

X-Trans rectangles and related topics

Nice shots, thanks for sharing!
These are two edits in darktable. The sky is slightly overexposed and then I sometimes like to use the bloom module to add some glow to the highlights, creating a more dreamy atmosphere. Rest of the processing is shadows and highlights and shifting the highlights a little bit to warmer tones.


Darktable DSCF1393.RAF.xmp (17.1 KB)

Darktable DSCF1429.RAF.xmp (13.6 KB)

(Andrea Volpato) #4

Really nice photos, especially the Canal Grande one.
Here is my darktable version.

DSCF1393.RAF.xmp (8.3 KB)

(Thomas) #5

Nice images. Thanks!
“Natural & warm” look in darktable.

DSCF1393.RAF.xmp (9.0 KB)

(Thomas) #6

… and #2

DSCF1429.RAF.xmp (7.3 KB)


DSCF1393.RAF.pp3 (11.3 KB)

(Sebastien Guyader) #8

@age, thanks for the Dr Who clip. But did you know that this episode was actually filmed in Trogir, Croatia, and not in Venice, and that the Grand Canale shots were actually made using computer-generated water?


Wow! I didn’t know that


@age Doctor Who is low budget like my approach to photography. :slight_smile:


Ahahah :slight_smile:

(Sebastien Guyader) #12

I just realized that I have a second shot of the Canale, taken juste 1 minute later, which is partly overlapping the first one, so I thought I’d try to stitch them together:

Now I have a full gondola on the foreground!


darktable: DSCF1393.RAF.xmp (5.8 KB)


@sguyader Do you mind sharing the raw of the other photo? I like the elements in it. Too bad you didn’t capture the rest of the “NO MAFIA VENICE IS SACRED” banner.

My take. Could fix the blown lights and mask to control the water and sky in GIMP. Maybe next time.

1. RawTherapee → AMaZE+VNG4 → pixel filters → Rec2020 linear → auto-matched curve → 32f.
2. gmic → desaturate blown (now blue) lights (:man_shrugging: could fix in GIMP…) (A) → reduce contrast (B) → negate (C) ⇒ pnmclahe → local contrast (B, C) ⇒ gmic → negate (C) → average results (D).
3. gmic → apply gamma (A) → smooth chroma → increase chroma → apply chroma of A on D.
4. gmic → increase contrast → sharpen → resize → zoom 100% to enjoy!

(Sebastien Guyader) #15

@afr I’m note sure if I will share the other raw. I’m thinking about maybe posting some images at a stock photo site. This image is one I will consider posting.
Let me think about this and I’ll let you know.


@sguyader No problem. Just showing my appreciation. :slight_smile:

(Sebastien Guyader) #17

I appreciate :wink:

(Sebastien Guyader) #18

@afre here’s the other raw you requested (released under CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0 license):

DSCF1397.RAF (23.9 MB)

(Gustavo Adolfo) #19

Thanks, beautiful place.

DSCF1393.RAF.xmp (9.8 KB)

(Boris Hajdukovic) #20

Nice shot @sguyader !

Done with darktable, GIMP and G’MIC

darktable: no base curve, global tonemap, enhanced exposure.
GIMP: tons of dodging burning and masking :slight_smile: