Basic semi-automated style for darktable 3.0/filmic

I posted that already last week, but I can’t find the link anymore…

This is a basic darktable style to apply to get a “lightroom-like” (in the spirit, not in the result) base look with a generic filmic setting that mimics the original OCIO filmic (which is a pre-computed LUT, not a parametric tool) : Auto-filmic - Aurélien Pierre.dtstyle (2,0 Ko)

Bottom-line, automatizing filmic is super hard, but it’s easier to hard-set it and automatize the exposure settings (at the beginning of the pipe) instead.

Explanations will be given live on YouTube in 2h :


one for the live, if it applies
IMG_6776.cr2 (13.5 MB)
license cc-by-nc

105A7943.CR2 (25.4 MB)

ANother one?
IMG_6790.cr2 (11.5 MB)
license cc-by-nc

20200322_Südpark_1159.DNG (12.1 MB)

License is CC-BY-NC

IMGP9306.DNG (27.4 MB) chevreuil sous-bois matin printemps

Very interesting screencast. I observe that you are never reconsidering the crop, which is what I always do first on my own images.

20191108_9732_Hunde.DNG (16.0 MB)

License is CC-BY-NC

Thanks for the explanation, I thought that themain reason was that these are not your images. However, when we talk about speedy workflows, the most time I spend on the pictures is culling and finding a reasonable crop, especially if the output format is fix, e.g. for a title page.

Thanks @johnny-bit for transcription of my questions :smile:. I am still reluctant getting a google account, but if it continues like this, maybe @aurelienpierre will get me there.

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No prob.

To answer crop & culling: I’ve send my photos already post culling. those were the ones I spent AGES adjusting :slight_smile:

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20190615_02439.ARW (23.6 MB)
license cc-by-nc

Photo Midi d’Ossau peak covered by clouds
_DSC1113.nef (26.5 MB)

License is CC-BY-NC



I had problems with this image mainly because of the dynamic range. I’d like to bring out the woman’s smile…

btw. taken on the streets behind the main market in Morelia, Mexico.

thanks a lot!!

Steffen (szs, stu lora)FXT23494.RAF (20.3 MB)

License: CC-BY-NC

That was an excellent video @aurelienpierre ! Learned a lot and it was very entertaining. Thanks a lot!



This was awesome livestream. I hope you’ll be able to do more of those on semi-regular basis in the future if time allows. Maybe different themes etc? Previous one was general Q&A, this one was speed editing… Whatever you’ll come up with would be good.

Also - in previous Q&A you’ve managed to hit couple of bugs, this time seems to went smoothly. Cool!


You are welcome. We can do that again on a weekly basis.


Thanks @aurelienpierre for your time.
These live sessions are really helpful and fun.

See you!

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Please, yes! weekly or bi-weekly would be great!