OM-1 Support in Darktable

That is good news!
As you suggested, I might use a separate config dir and DB for handling OM-1 images as a workaround.
I’m crossing my fingers for 4.2!

Things seem to be moving: kmilos deleted his om-1 branch and closed the merge request.
There is a rawspeed submodule update in the darktable gitlog where Roman Lebedev says:
“Wo-hoo! But is it good to be back?”
and also:
“Acknowledge the cameras for which samples are now available on RPU”.

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I don’t know how to interpret these messages concerning OM-1 raw support. At Add white balance presets for OM System OM-1 camera by sarunasb · Pull Request #13059 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub I get the impression that because of Rawspeed there will not be OM-1 raw support in DT 4.2. And here LibRaw update by kmilos · Pull Request #13030 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub it seems (to me) as if Libraw will be used by DT, which would mean that there will be raw support for OM-1, because I know it is in Libraw (Affinity photo 2 uses Libraw and has OM-1 raw support). I would appreciate some explanation.

darktable uses LibRaw only for Canon CR3s, so unfortunately no OM-1/OM-5 just yet.

Thanks for your answer.

Is there a way to configure darktable to use LibRaw for OM-1/5 files?

just if you build darktable on your own …

Not only build, but change code as well. It is not “configurable” per se.

Thanks for the info.

I have no knowledge at all about programming etc., so maybe this is impossible or for some reasons not desirable, but would it not be a good idea to use Libraw instead of Rawspeed? As fas as I know Libraw is well maintained and it is used by ART, Affinity photo and probably more photography software and would not have to be maintained by the developers of DT.


Here is a branch in my darktable fork starting with 4.2 release tag. It should automatically pull rawspeed from the correct fork, supporting OM System and OM-1 camera. (WB presets and noise profiles for OM-1 are added to JSON files within the main darktable tree.)

To get the source code:

git clone
cd darktable
git checkout 4.2-om
git submodule init
git submodule update

To compile on Ubuntu I do:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/darktable/ ..
make -j
sudo make install

Running /opt/darktable/bin/darktable --version should give:

this is darktable 4.2.om1

In case your previous darktable version was earlier than 4.2, then running this will upgrade database and possibly config. One can run this newly compiled 4.2.om1 something like this to preserve the existing DB and config:

/opt/darktable/bin/darktable --configdir "~/.config/darktable-test"

Also added OM-5, cloning E-M5 III matrix data. rawspeed only, no WB presets or noise profiles yet.


Hi Jose,

I think I can compile Sarunas’ 4.2 version, I will try that in a couple days.

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hello Victor, thank you very much.
it is a fantastic present.
have a good day.

Hi, here you can download a Windows package for Sarunas’ 4.2 version with the OM1 (and OM5 if I understand correctly) support. Thanks Sarunas! Hopefully it will be merged soon to the main branch. Please let me know if there is any problem with the compilation.


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Thank you so much for providing this .exe ! I can confirm that the build installs and works on my Win10 installation.

I normally work in Linux, but have not been able to compile a version of dt that will recognize my OM1 on that system, so this really has saved the day for me.

Luckily, my computer is a dual boot, so I can at least get some processing done while I wait for a Linux version to become available.

Best wishes for a happy holiday and a healthy New Year.

Thank you!! It installed flawlessly and works well.

Thanks for posting this, but unfortunately, I cannot get it to “make”: many errors are thrown up.

I am in MX-Linux KDE 21.1 (based on Debian stable), so the instructions I need are likely somewhat different, and I lack the knowledge in Linux to find and apply them.

Initially, I tried editing the rawspeed file by adding the OM-1 camera info (a strategy that worked very well when I had a Fujifilm X-S10) but DT stubbornly refuses to recognize the .ORF files.

As a standby, I have the Windows version (kindly put up by Victor) but I’d rather work in Linux: it runs quicker, and draws less power allowing me longer between charges on my laptop.

I am not asking for assistance at this stage, just alerting you in case others complain the instructions don’t work. MX is based on Debian and Ubuntu is as well, but there must be some differences under the skin.


Michael P.

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all is ok.

thank’s again.


I forgot to mention yesterday that there is a workaround for not being able to open *.ORF files in DT with a standard install from the Linux repositories:

Digikam can open and edit OM-1 files without issues. Digikam also has a batch processing mode that will convert .ORF files to .DNG which DT can open and edit normally. I had some 200+ files from a recent photo excursion, and Digikam duplicated these as DNG in about 6 minutes on my machine - which is a fairly up-to-date i7 laptop. However, YMMV.


Michael P.